Questions Anyone?

Q. How long does it take your company to design a good website?


A. There’s not really a definite answer.  The length of time it takes to build any website will depend on the size of the customer’s project, how quickly the customer can get their information to us, and the functions they would like their website to do.  For example, if a customer wants a simple informative website with 30 products or less, a site like this can be completed within a few days to a little over a week.  If however, the customer wants a site where their customers can manage their accounts, pay bills online, shop for promo products and/or services, etc, a site like this can take a few weeks to a few months to complete.



Q. My company operates under two different names, would I be able to host both companies under the same plan?


A. Yes and no.  Our hosting services are charged on a per domain basis.  This means if you would like to have two separate domains for your companies (e.g.,, then there would be a separate regular monthly charge for each account.  You can avoid this separate charge though by tacking on your second company to the first as such, for the first company and for the second.  Doing this though does causes several problems, (1) it doesn’t look at all professional to customers, (2) since email addresses can’t be setup with slashes ( / ) all emails would have to be setup under your first company’s name (e.g., and (3) customers run the risk of confusing which customer orders go with which company.



Q. I have a home-based business and we already have an ISP which has services such as personal web pages, email accounts, Internet access, etc.  Since these are personal services, we can’t really use them for commercial use.  My question is do we need to discontinue our ISP services prior to signing-up with your company?  And if so, How soon?


A. No, you do not have to discontinue your ISP services.  By all means please keep it.  We don’t provide any ISP services such as Internet access, we only handle the web development side of the online business.



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