Summary of Services


Custom Website Design

We at Howard's Web Design specialize in the effective development of company websites.  We do not charge a per page fee or hourly rate for the web pages or graphics we develop.  Whether your company will need 3 pages or 300 pages or 10 graphics or 100 graphics for your site, it will still be the same low monthly fee.



Web Hosting

Each customer of Howard's Web Design has the option of taking advantage of our Howard BasicSM package for as low as $29.95/month or our Howard SuperSM (two level) package for as low as $199.00/month.  Customers who already have a hosting server that they are satisfied with can take advantage of our Howard Pure Service package for only $19.95/month.  To view the details of each package, please use the navigation bar above.



Graphic Design

Another beneficial service we provide for our customers is custom graphic design.  This includes everything from rollover buttons to advertising banners.  All this at no extra charge.



Logo Design

We also provide custom logo web design services New York for customers looking to change their existing company logo and/or for customers who do not have a company logo and are in need of one.  This too is a standard feature provided to our customers at no extra charge.



Internet Advertising

The key service for making your company an online success is advertising.  We place a great deal of time and effort in marketing each of our customers' websites by embedding each page with meta tags, submitting web pages to various search engines, designing several advertising banners for various banner exchange programs, and more.  Our basic advertising services, which include all the items listed above, are provided free of charge.  Optional expanded advertising services are also available for a small fee.  To view the details of our optional expanded advertising services, please visit any one of our package pages.



Website Maintenance

Behind the scenes we're always trying to make sure our customers' websites are the best they can be by ensuring they are up and running as they should.  Also, we understand that once a customer's website has been published on the Internet it's not going to stay that way forever.  A customer may require additional pages for a new service and/or product, want to change the wording in few pages, or want to place new files and/or forms on its server to be made available for customer download.  These maintenance services are provided to our customers at no extra cost.



Industry Specific Research

Before the development of a customer's site begins, we conduct a brief research of the customer's market industry to analyze what the competition is doing and what is needed to give our customers a descent position and of course estimate all our plans with EasyProjects project tool.  Not only that, but while we're conducting this research we also make note of the various web directories where we find their competitors so that we can possibly submit their sites to the same directories.  After all, if you have potential customers finding your competitors in these directories, shouldn't your company be there as well?  There is no extra cost for this service.

Our services also include the installation and customization of scrum tools to suit all your needs. Please, note, we do not guarantee that the programs will work flawlessly on your machine as we do not produce agile tools. If you want to get a professional consultation about scrum and kanban tools you need to call the producer




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