We Truly Care

Consistent unmatched quality for your website, that’s our job, that’s what we do!  At Howard's Web Design we don’t lure customers in with phrases like, “Have your business up and running on the net in less than 1 hour,” and then place it in a standard template that looks like everybody else’s and call it a website.  That’s just not the way good web development is done.  There is a dance, a partnership if you will, between ourselves and our customers to develop a custom quality made website based on a time table that works.  Nothing is ever rushed so as to forget and/or neglect the needs of our customers and/or the needs of their customers.  We review every page we develop for our customers again and again to make sure we’ve got everything done to specs.


We Design Effectively

At Howard's Web Design we realize that while it is important for our customers to have a good looking website, the more important component is what their website can do.  First, it has to attract customers, an element that requires advertising.  With each customer website we design and develop we submit several of the most important pages to search engines, we embed those pages with meta-tags, design a minimum of three web banners for various banner exchanges programs, submit their sites to free industry specific directories (if available), and more. 


Second, the website has to be fast loading, an element that requires file optimization.  We understand that most individuals who use the web do so at home where they use dial-up services instead of the high-speed connections found at their jobs.  This means that the files have to be as small as possible so that they load quick enough for customers to see before they lose interest and move on.  To achieve this, we use a combination of optimizing software for both graphics and files, as well as use such techniques as image slicing. 


Third, the website has to be user-friendly, an element that requires quality programming.  This is accomplished by developing websites that contain such elements as drop-down menus, radio buttons, check boxes, encrypted fields, and more.  All this and more is done for each and every one of our customers for one low monthly rate.



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